the Charm of Fall Foliage
Photo Contest


1 Prize: 50,000 YEM (about 500$)
2 Prize: 25,000 YEM (about 250$)
3 Prize: 10,000 YEM (about 100$)


Participation Mode

Send a single photo in electronic format,
on the Fall Foliage theme,
no later than 30 November 2018 at 24:00,


All the photos of the participants
they will be printed in 40x30 Format,
by the organization.


Cost of Participation

1,500 YEM
to be sent by to PerNum 1000000503,
before November 30th 2018.
(or 15$ or 15€)



Andali: Raffaele Scheri, Cell. 3488538735, Facebook
Decollatura: Emanuele Butera, Cell. 3500484512
Petronà: Raffaele Marchio, Facebook



The jury is popular,
through a form delivered to visitors,
in some photographic exhibitions,
in the villages of Sila, Calabria, Italy,
organized during the months
of December 2018 and January 2019.

You can also vote by email from 7 to 13 January 2019.
A web page will be prepared with the photos in competition.


Award Ceremony

Last exhibition
at the restaurant La Baracca - Decollatura,
with nomination of winners,
during the lunch to be held
starting at 13:00 on Sunday 27 January.

Lunch will be with themed menus,
to relive the feelings and emotions of Fall Foliage.

Cost of Lunch 2,300 YEM (or 23 Euro).
Booking required.



For everything else, it is at the discretion of the organizers.

Several Associations in Sila organize Photographic Excursions on the theme,
included LaProSila Excursions 21 and 28 October, 5 and 11 November
(see Facebook page).



LaProSila Tourism Association
Make a Donation:
PerNum 1000000503
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